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A Sioux maiden carefully crosses a stream at about the point in history of Europeans' first contact with them.  She wears a doeskin dress trimmed with quillwork and a precious steel  knife acquired from the white traders STEPPING STONE limited edition bronze
A northern Sioux maiden carefully crosses a stream (represented by the marble) at about the point in history of first European contact. She wears a doe-skin dress trimmed with quill work and cowrie shells. She carries a steel knife on her belt; evidence of trading with Whites.

Sculpture comes with a marble and walnut base fitted with a turntable for easy 360 degree viewing.
         22 inches high x 14" x 14"


To Purchase Offline: Click "Contact Us" and make your intention known or simply inquire. You may also contact the artist via telephone.

Almost twice life-size tribute to Arizona's smallest Native American tribe HEROIC SCALE PUBLIC MONUMENT
Dedicated in 1992 and placed on Yavapai-owned property in Prescott, AZ. Pointed-up and sculpted by the artist, GAIL. Cast by Skurja Fine Art Castings of Prescott. Commissioned by the Prescott Community Art Trust.
My apologies for the poor lighting in this photo. The bronze resides under the portico, facing the hotel, so it is always backlit.

The actual bronze is 8 feet 3 inches in height. On its concrete plinth, it stands about 9 feet high.

If the seated woman stood up, she would be about twelve feet tall. Anything over 1.5X life-size is considered "heroic scale."
For more information about commissions by GAIL, click the link below.
Link to COMMISSIONS page
Sioux maiden admires a monarch butterfly TRUSTING NATURE, Limited Edition Bronze
Seated on a fallen log, a northern Sioux maiden admires a monarch butterfly that has landed on her hand.

At the period of history depicted in this artwork, Nature was more trusting of human beings, especially people such as this young lady whose beliefs revolved around dependence on Nature for all her needs. Reverence for the natural world that supported them was the basis of their religion.

This sculpture is a real "fun" conversation piece. How many of your friends will notice the salamander hiding in the grass or the snail crawling near the log? What will they say the squirrel is doing when they notice him peeking out of the hollow log? A beautiful showy moccasin flower blooms while shelf fungus grows from the fallen trunk.

One-third life size, measuring 19"h x 14" x 15" including the revolving hardwood base.  $7,6000USD

Bronze bas-relief portrait of Lissa Romero PORTRAIT OF LISSA, bronze relief sculpture
Commissioned after her untimely death at age 32, by her widower. He said, "That's her! You captured her."

GAIL was given some of her jewelry, from which she made molds and incorporated the reproductions into the frame of the sculpture.

The artist asked questions about her tastes and favorite things and the widower provided her with photos and ideas about what his wife had liked. When he suggested the moon, at first GAIL put in a quarter moon, he didn't like the result. When the artist changed the moon to full, he said, "Yes, that's right; I like that. Come to think of it, she died on a full moon."

This kind of give and take is necessary in order to please the client. "The client must be ruthless and not afraid to give me an honest opinion in order for me to sculpt something they will value and enjoy for a lifetime."
The Machinist - Commission
This 24" tall bronze was commissioned by the family of the model for my other similar sculpture, "NO RIDING JOB."

When the model died, his family asked if it would be possible to modify the bronze to be a machinist with a welder's hat and some kind of tool or work an engineer might make.

This is an example of a commission that works for the greater art-buying market. The family did not have to pay for the creation of the portrait because it was already done. They needed only pay for the modifications to one wax, a new mold and the subsequent casting fees.
Compare "NO RIDING JOB" to "THE MACHINIST" by clicking the face detail photo below.
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