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In the solitude of a secluded creekside, soaking her feet in the cool water is irresistable.  One-third life size and very detailed depiction of a contemporary Western woman.  Does she remind you of your Western woman?  Of yourself? Tired contemporary Western Woman removes her boots to soak in the creek. Cool water entices young lady to remove her boots.
               "TAKIN' IT EASY"  limited edition bronze on walnut base        $8,500USD           19"h x 18" x 18"
Three views of this richly detailed, realistic sculpture.  

A tribute to the artist's birthplace of Winslow, Arizona.

She says, "To me this piece depicts the cool canyon bottom at a place on Clear Creek called 'Heaven.' It's accessible only by canoe or by a steep climb down 'the chimney' which is a narrow crack in the sandstone cliffs. Only the cliff swallows and trickling springs make any noise, but the echo effect sounds as if voices are talking up the canyon."

In the privacy of a secluded creekside, the cool water is irresistible to this modern Western woman. She is removing one of her Nocona boots as she sits on the grassy bank.

$8,500US for this one-third life size, almost sold-out sculpture.

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Is she real or just a dusty cowboy's fantasy?  Is this oasis real or a tired cowgirl's fantasy?  Perhaps it is the frog's fantasy to be kissed by such a girl.  Part of the Western Women series. After dipping her hat in the cool, spring water, a young lady indulges in her fantasy of solitude in the great wide open Western spaces.  Her activities have disturbed a leopard frog, which can be seen in this view. Refreshing relaxation is evident as water spills from her hat and over her body. A scale model (one-third scale) of a leopard frog that may be wondering what the disturbance is to his private oasis.

       "SPRING FANTASY "     Limited Edition Bronze    $7,875USD    30"h x 14" x 14"

Spring Fantasy represents the evolution of a previously sold-out bronze called "DESERT DREAM." After ten years of maturation, the artist says, "This is what I wish I had done the first time." First scooping water from the pool of a spring, then pouring it over herself has disturbed the lone resident of this oasis, a leopard frog. Perhaps it is his fantasy to be kissed by some such beautiful girl? Is she only a fantasy herself or maybe she is indulging her own fantasy in the solitude of the Great Wide West?

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