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Is she real or just a dusty cowboy's fantasy?  Is this oasis real or a tired cowgirl's fantasy?  Perhaps it is the frog's fantasy to be kissed by such a girl.  Part of the Western Women series. SPRING FANTASY Limited Edition Bronze
To the tired, overheated hand, a drenching with cool water may be a fantasy. To chance upon a spring, one might fantasize about dowsing oneself. To look this good might be a fantasy. To chance upon this scene in the privacy of the great wide open could be a fantasy.

27"h x 14" x 14" with marble & walnut base

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SITTING PRETTY Limited edition bronze 18"h x 14" x 14"   Very realistic and detailed view into the private world of a woman alone at her dressing table as she selects a pair of earrings.
Even a hard-working cowgirl likes to dress up for a night on the town and this one is trying on a pair of earrings and fantasizing about what the evening may hold in store.

One-third life size, "Sitting Pretty" is 19" tall on a verde antique marble and walnut base fitted with a revolving turntable.


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limited edition bronze; one-third life size Detail of Daydreams' saddle showing leathercarving Detail of vintage Crockett spurs & carved leather straps
Sitting on top of grain sacks, reclining against her saddle, daydreams may come. Perhaps she is contemplating the chores to come whether it is gathering cattle or competing in a Performance Class. Maybe she is reminiscing about events past. She may even be thinking about you!

"I actually did this piece as an excuse to sculpt the saddle. The leather tooling was a challenge and I'm also fascinated by scale models," says the artist. "Bob McCray made this saddle for me while I was still in junior high school. The spurs were my mother's."
$7,500US limited edition of 30

12"h x 18" x 14" with walnut base and turntable

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Contemporary cowgirl dressed buckaroo-style
BROKEN HOBBLES, Limited Edition Bronze by GAIL
Dressed "buckaroo" style with short chaps called "chinks" this young lady has lost her mount due to broken hobbles. This style of dress in most common in the Pacific Northwest and Nevada.

Over her shoulder she carries a braided leather headstall, which would have required many hours of careful crafting. The Spanish spade bit is a work of art in itself and to be properly used requires years of training in a series of bosal hackamores for the horse.

This bronze continues the series and tells what happens after "Desert Dream" (Desert Dream is sold out, but is very similar to "Spring Fantasy.")
After climbing down a steep canyon wall and cooling off in the secluded stream below, she has re-emerged only to find that she has been left afoot by the horse she had hobbled. Not a pleasant prospect in the open West.

One-third life-size: 25"h x 10" x 12" Patina is like the outer photos (blue-green shirt)

$7,875US (3 remaining in the edition)
       HITCH IN HER GET-ALONG                25"h x 12" x 12"    hardwood base with turntable            $7000USD
A contemporary cowgirl has stopped mid-stride because something is wrong with one of the straps that clip on her chaps ("shaps.")

To have a "hitch in your get-along" refers to anything that might impede forward progress. This could be anything from a business setback to a flat tire. In the vernacular however, it is usually used to describe a limp.

Dressed in batwing chaps, packer boots and carrying a lariat, the dress depicted here is a modern combination. Batwings are usually worn in open, scrubby country like west Texas and Arizona. The packer boots lace up and though they are popular everywhere today, they were first used in the Northwest.

Though clearly a working ranch hand, rodeo experience is in evidence because of the trophy belt buckle.


25"H X 12" X 12" $7,000US

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